My name is Jaffet G. I’m a 41 year old male. After many years of physcical activity and organized sports, my body, mainly my hip suffered from chronic bursitis. I’ve seen orthos and was given stretching and rehab exercises to help with my condition. They did help a little but the pain persisted and I learned to deal with this condition as my activity level diminished to just being able to walk. I saw Adam @Higher Level Therapy on a bi-monthly basis for 3 months. At first there was initial improvement but as I went for additional massage therapy treatments the the bursitis pain has subsided and I am now able to exercise and play basketball and run with no fear of pain. I now see Adam every 3 months for a “tune-up”. Thanks AdamJaffet G, NYC
Great massage with Adam. He has a relaxed but caring attitude which I greatly appreciated. Have been traveling and he really helped me power down and relax after too many flights. He’s also very aware of anatomy and has knowledge of traditional chinese medicine, which I appreciated. He used that to give my immune system a boost. The location is a basic massage room. Clean and quiet.Adam L, San Francisco, CA
I’ve been suffering from carple tunnel on both of my arms for a couple of months now. I’ve tried self massage that i learned from videos I found on youtube but it was just a vicious cycle bc working on one arm tensed up the already worked on arm so all the work I’ve already done, would go out the window. So in desperate need of relief I found Adam and I’m happy to say after the 1st treatment I felt a bit better, If I felt some relief after the first treatment I can only imagine how much more improvement I can have after a couple of more treatments. To add to that I’ve been having upper back pain for a while now from the heavy bookbags I carry, which he worked on as well and I felt relief there too, what I liked most is that Adam didn’t try to dig his elbows into me or put too much pressure to try and get into my muscle and that was comforting like he says “I’m not going to try and take out months of problems in one day when this didn’t happen in one day” it takes time ppl! but over all I felt RELAXED!! and It was great, can’t wait for my next treatments. THANKS ADAM!!Tiffany P, Brooklyn, NY
Nice find via voucher. Adam was very good: quiet, patient, attentive. The space is in a nondescript office building — no pretension but clean with a good vibe.It’s not my neighborhood but I’d actually go back at full price if my downtown go-to guy weren’t available.Kitt T, New York, NY
This is a case where the name of the business explains it all. Adam does seem to work at a higher level and the massage could not have been better. Who cares if the neighborhood is seedy! The premises are clean and restful, the music was relaxing shakuhachi/koto kind of thing and Adam is respectful and professional. Yay!Meche K, New York, NY
Adam gives the BEST massages!!! I discovered Higher Level Therapy through an Amazon Local deal, but it has never paid off this well! I’ve had a lot of massages over the years but never this good. I always scheduled my massages after long road trips, and I left the appointments feeling so relaxed you never would have thought I spent four hours on a bus or a week living out of a suitcase. And he’s so affordable I don’t waste time looking for any more massage deals. Buy one of his massage packages. You’ll be so grateful you did, especially if you want to treat yourself or someone special. It’s THE PERFECT gift. And I know he’s very effective for medical massage too. Apparently, some of his regular clients go specifically for help with injury, neuropathy, and other medical issues. I’m just a chronically stressed New Yorker who loves a good massage 🙂Carly B, Manhattan, NY

Just had my first appointment here tonight with a Lifebooker voucher, and felt very comfortable with Adam who is clearly passionate about his craft and exudes a calming zen personality. As I was the last client of the night, he actually asked if I would be okay with him going over time (“hell yeah!” I thought). We ended up having a really nice conversation as he proceeded to give me more than HALF AN HOUR’s worth of extra massage- no masseur I’ve ever had has voluntarily run over time before, so huge kudos on that!

My only niggle and the reason for 4 stars not 5 would be that the pressure sometimes got too gentle. I am a dancer and have a particularly high pain tolerance, so I usually need my muscles and knots steamrolled with far deeper and more intense pressure than a normal person may want or can handle. Adam was good in parts, but I think he might have been concerned about breaking me in half when I kept asking him to be stronger haha. If you’re a regular person looking for a soothing session, I think the pressure will suit you fine.

I accidentally left some jewellery behind too, and he called me up straightaway and waited for me to come collect them before closing shop. All in all a lovely experience!

Samantha T, Manhattan, NY

I had a massage recently with Adam. He made me feel extremely relaxed – so for all of you who are nervous about lying on a table having a stranger rub his hands on you, he does an amazing job snuggly draping the sheets to only expose the area he’s working on (I’ve been to many who are not nearly as conscious of that). He used the perfect amount of pressure – and that’s because he asked and made sure that it was comfortable for what I wanted, which was to work out the knots. I think he is a terrific massage therapist and my body feels so much better. I definitely intend to go back and highly recommend him.Karen C, Astoria, NY

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